The Magimix Cook Expert is such a complex machine, it performs so many amazing tasks. I’ve put together a list of hints that I’ve found helpful, both my own ideas and tips from our wonderful MyCookExpert Facebook Group. I hope this helps you too!

Always ensure you have 500ml of water in the thermal bowl when steaming. Your CE will tell you if the water is in danger of running dry.

Add herbs, spices or vegetable stock paste to the steaming water to add subtle flavour to your meat or vegetables.

Spritz the steam basket lightly with olive oil spray to stop food sticking, making it easier to clean.

Use the steam basket as a colander to drain pasta etc. (Thanks Pomme)

Rice is great to cook in the steamer. Place equal parts rice and water in the multifunction bowl (that comes with the XL steamer, or a similar-sized bowl if you don’t have one) and cook using the steam program. Different rice types, amounts and brands will vary the cooking length, so I’d recommend keeping a log so you have a quick reference for yourself.

When steaming super sticky things such as dumplings, use baking paper cut into a circle the size of the steamer with lots of holes punched into them (so the steam can still get through). You could even make up a big pile in one crafty session. (Thanks Raelene)

DO NOT use the multifunction bowl’s silicone lid (that comes with the XL steamer) INSIDE your CE for any reason. It is for EXTERNAL use only, OUTSIDE your CE for storing food in the multifunction bowl.

Food Processor
To lock the lid in place you first need to remove the double pusher.

The food processor will only function if the bowl and lid is locked in place properly, and the double pusher is in place at least to the line indicted “MAX” on the food processor lid.

You can slice larger or whole fruit and veg by removing the double pusher and putting food directly into the chute. You just need to ensure that the food is lower than the “MAX” line on the lid or your CE will not be able to start, as it is placing the double pusher to this point that allows the CE to work (a safety feature).

The pusher is also a measuring cup.

You don’t have to have the midi bowl in place to use the mini bowl.

Rinse Function
You can increase the speed and temperature of the rinsing program if your bowl is super dirty, or if you want an extra thorough clean every now and then.

The Cap
The cap also acts as a tool to undo the universal blade from the underside of the thermal bowl. See page 15 of your manual.

Leave the cap off when sauteing on low speeds. My thinking is – if I am frying up or reducing something then cap off, I want that excess moisture to evaporate. Just remember to replace the cap when you start speeding your CE up, or else the food will fly! And when you run the Rinse Program – ahem, speaking from experience here…

If the cap is not being used, it works as a handy spatula rest. (Thanks Pomme!)

When whipping up egg whites make sure the thermal bowl, whisk and lid are all 100% clean and dry with no oily food residue as just the smallest speck will prevent the egg white from whipping up beautifully. Also, make sure the cap is OFF, as you need to incorporate air into those egg whites. Eggs will always whip better if they are fresh and at room temperature.

Using the Whisk Program to whip up egg whites will produce a frothy consistency that is considered very soft peaks. If you want stiffer, thicker peaks (for a pav, or meringues), increase the program speed to 7.

Don’t go above speed 7 or 80/110 degrees (your whisk will have your maximum temperature stamped on it, have a look), or you risk damaging your whisk.

Don’t use your whisk in the Rinse Program.

2-in-1 Spatula
Ohh how I love the perfectly shaped design of this for scraping out every last bit from my thermal bowl.

The rubber part comes off and the metal head is the perfect size to scrape off (gently!!) any burnt food from the bottom of your thermal bowl. A splash of white vinegar also helps to soak off any residual stuck food.

The end of the spatula is also useful for removing the steaming tray from your thermal bowl. Just poke it in the oval hole and lift. Genius!

Place the thermal bowl onto the scales and tare it for each new ingredient. Remember 1ml water = 1g so scales can be used for liquid too. (Thanks Lucie)

I have found that the lid seal/rubber ring that sits inside the glass lid has a tendency to absorb the odors of savory dishes, so when I am making sweet things in Maggie it has the potential to impart the smell. Curry flavoured meringues anyone?  The solution I have found is removing and using the rubber ring off my XL steamer base for sweet dishes. This saved me from buying a spare ring. Just remember to put it back on the XL steamer when you use it!

I don’t put any parts of my CE in the dishwasher, I just think it’s too harsh for my special Maggie. As I once read somewhere – you wouldn’t put a Rolls Royce through a car wash…

When my CE is not in use I leave the cap off (to air it), it can store easily on the glass lid handle.


Turning the machine off quickly can be done by simply opening the lid. This is useful for checking how cooked steamed veggies are. (Thanks Lucie)

Use the Simmer Program when you want to boil anything (e.g. pasta, eggs), as it has no blade speed. (Thanks Pomme)

Use the steam basket as a colander to drain pasta etc.  (Thanks Pomme)

Read, read, and re-read the manuals that came with your CE, I’m still learning new things and new ways to use mine.

Also, a handy conversion chart to help you convert Thermomix recipes…

mycookexpert thermomix recipe conversion chart magimix cook expert


If you have any tips that I have yet to discover (and I’m sure there are many), let me know and I’ll add them in.

Also, we have a Facebook group called MyCookExpert, a place where you can share tips, recipes, and ideas, and learn from other wonderful Maggie users. Stop by and say hello!

Cheers, Danielle.

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